Fiber Art Community Support Post.

I know one of the things that is hardest for both myself, and many other crafters and fiber artists is exposure. So I went digging through Indie Gogo and Kickstarter looking for the best, currently active campaigns that support handcrafts and fiber artists, both domestic and internationally.

Here they are:

Save Local Woman’s Handicrafts

Nasreen Shiekh (Director/Partner of LWH) is a 23 year old business woman who has built LWH by employing women from broken homes, abusive situations, extreme poverty and women with special needs. Nasreen is currently refusing her forced marriage which will most certainly put an end to Local Women’s Handicrafts and the jobs of the 20+ women of this collective.


Bennaigh Traditional Handknitting

Pam Connolly is a stay at home mother trying to preserve traditional hand knitting techniques of Ireland, England and Scotland. She has had fabulous selling her sweaters at Farmer’s Markets and is looking to expand in order to further support her family and preserve tradition. The sweater’s of hers that I’ve seen look gorgeous.

La Pintada Women’s Weaving Cooperative

“The city of Copán in Honduras attracts roughly 150,000 tourists a year for their majestic Mayan ruins and friendly town. About a 40 minute hike away, lies the Ch’orti’ village of La Pintada. It is a small community that faces several challenges; politically, economically, and socially. In response to these challenges, local and international groups have attempted to assist with various development projects. Most of them have dissipated over the years, except for a women’s weaving cooperative managed by five ambitious women since 2005.”


Restore Antique Home into a Fiber Arts Center

Historic Venue + Internet Presence = best of both worlds. The Sandwich Textile Center will offer shopping, classes & fiber equipment rentals. There are several textile centers located around the United States, but none in New Hampshire, and this vintage building – with an online presence – will be an outstanding resource for nurturing the contemporary renaissance of handmade goods.

The Sandwich Textile Center will be an in-person/online shopping venue and learning center for all things fiber arts related. There will be workshops for children and adults with lessons in:

• Raising and caring for fiber animals

• Fiber harvesting, processing and dyeing

• Knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, sewing

Steyning Grammar School Heritage Book

A stunning book showing the images and stories within this community textile project

Daisy and Blu

Taking direction from nursery rhymes, essence of childhood themes, and updating aesthetics from traditional tales, we believe Daisy & Blu is the ‘next big thing’ in children’s up-scale to mid-lux accessories, apparel, and home furnishings.

Our founder and chief designer, Sherry West, has taken her expertise as a high-end sweater designer and infused her illustrations with state of the art off-shore computer technology and capabilities to meet a demand that previously was not possible.




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