Wrist Issues…

The problem with working all of that gorgeous sock yarn for a long amount of time is that it kills your wrists. So between all the knitting and the large amounts of time I spend on the computer my right wrist was not happy with me last week. I thought I’d bring a bunch of the links that I posted on tumblr over to this website and see what happens.

Wrist Exercises: Has really good photos

Exercises and Physiology



Wrist Tendonitis

De Quervains Syndrome


English vs. Continental.

German Knitting: I like this the best since my right wrist does less work.


Massages/Use a tennis ball

Easy Rice Heating Bag

Another Heating Bag

Good Story and Advice

The thing that ended up working best for me were the heat bags. I already had a large amount of leftover cotton fabric and rice, then add in an hour or two of hand sewing and voilá! One rice heating pack thing. Granted, it was an hour or two of pain cause hand sewing with a minor repetitive motion issue isn’t exactly the best thing ever. But, hey, it worked. I now have multiple of them, including a scented one. The best solution I found for that was the Stress Relief Bath & Massage Oil from Bath and Body Works. Let the rice soak in that for a while and it smells pretty good.

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