Toe Up Socks

Are seriously the best things ever. Until recently I hadn’t made a sock since I was seven. I had never seen the point of them, after all why spend so much time on something that no one else was ever going to see and you were probably going to wear into oblivion rather quickly. This changed with the large amount of sock yarn I have in my stash. I was, and still am, desperately trying to stash bust before I go study in Spain for a year. However, there are only so many color work, hand warmers a girl can make before she starts to go insane.

So, I was like “why not?” and started a pair of striped socks, top down. I didn’t really have a pattern per say, I was working from the guidelines from “Knitting Rules!” by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Surprisingly they turned out rather well. They look slightly wonky, but OH MY GOD, they are the most comfortable things to wear. The toes look slightly ugly, since my Kitchener stitch needs some work but they are the most comfortable things ever. I don’t really know how many other ways I can say it. I wore them in my favorite pair of boots and it was like magic. I am officially a convert to hand knit socks. The comfort level is enough to eliminate the fact that no one will ever see them.

I am now working a pair of toe up socks, which are promising to be even better than the first pair. I am never buying socks again. Like seriously. (Okay, except maybe for gym socks.)

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