Vermont and School. Yay.

So my trip to my aunt’s house near Montpelier was awesome. I got to see her Swedish Loom and her Great Wheel, both of which were really cool. We spent a good three hours talking about weaving, with her explaining to me how it’s all done. I had no idea that making the warp was so time consuming. Yikes. It’s easier to understand why textiles were such a valuable market in history now.

This is the Loom:

Swedish Loom


And this is her Great Wheel:


I also got to see many of the projects she did when she was learning to weave in Sweden. I am seriously jealous. However, I did come out of this trip with two pride and joy pieces, the first is a square of fabric that she wove as a practice piece, but means the world to me, and the second is a whole bunch of roving that came from sheep she saw sheared in New Zealand way back when on her honeymoon. I’m kind of afraid to touch it in case I muck it up.


That’s it and I love it. It’s just wool, but it’s awesome. I’m using it as a kind of dresser runner/tablecloth thing in my dorm. Speaking of…

I’m back at school now and moved into my shoebox of a single. I’m doing a bunch of classes (ugh. math.) and am now the Teaching Coordinator for my school’s knitting club. Basically that means I teach classes every other Monday on yarn and knitting related things. My first class is this Monday on increases and decreases; I’m really excited but also kind of nervous. Wish me Luck!


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