Summer 2013

So I ended up spending the summer teaching knitting and fiber crafts at my old girls camp in New Hampshire. I had a fabulous time and hopefully have started many other young girls on the path of knitting obsession. Part of my responsibility was keeping the yarn closet clean and, woah, was that a task. It was just a jumble of boxes of yarn that had been donated in no particular order. Imagine my surprise when I found a huge amount of the same French Angora brand that my grandmother had given me at the bottom of one of those boxes! I ended up sorting/vetting it all by type of yarn, with the cheap acrylic stuff in giant ziplocs and the good wool blends in the newly washed boxes.

I spent almost ten weeks there, working and knitting, and during that time I finished these:



which are my pride and joy of the summer. It took me almost 3 months using sock yarn and size two needles, but I am ridiculously happy with how they turned out. Now I just owe my brother a different pair for graduation.

After those ten weeks, I drove up to my sister in Vermont for the week before school and along the way I got to stop at the Green Mountain Spinnery in Putney, VT. So awesome! I got a bunch of a really pretty cotton/wool blend in pastel colors that I’m going to turn into a bolero at some point. Though that may have to wait till I’m done with a couple of commission-type pieces I have right now.

Tomorrow I start the drive back form Vermont to Florida, and I get to stop and see my great aunt’s great wheel at her farm near Montpelier. Really excited about that.

Till later everybody.

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