Student Arts Market Tomorrow!

I’m going to be running a stand tomorrow out at my school’s Student Union with one of my friends! I’m really excited and it’s my first experience with craft fairs/sales. However, we are totally behind the curve right now because we didn’t realize that neither of us had class during the time slot, and stopped preparing. We only realized that it was actually at night yesterday. So much to do and so little time. Making some emergency runs to St. Johns’ TC today to pick up supplies, and it’s probs going to be a crazy night trying to finish homework and all the items to sell.

I’ve been doing some research on stands and there are some great ideas out there, like using a slinky to hold business cards. The only kink in my ideas is that Joann’s doesn’t appear to stock styrofoam heads, so I have to figure out another way to display cowls and scarves…

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