Another New Project…

So that webseries turned into a bit of a false start… Some ideas sound so good at 2am and then the next day no one actually wants to work on it with you. However, my roommate and assorted others are really, really into doing NaNoWrimo right now, so I’m kind of hacking together my own version this month. I don’t want to wait for April and the script version of NaNoWriMo to come around. Sigh. But I did finally work the two totally different elements I want together into one script without having genre vomit.


I do have the unfortunate choice of choosing between a hands on documentary class and an Intro to Screenwriting class, because they’re at the same time on the same day. =( I’m leaning towards screenwriting right now, because that’s the skill I’m working on improving and it qualifies towards my GenEd english requirement. I’m still waiting on the new (like just graduated from graduate school this year type of new) professor to email me back so we can talk about the course.

Finally, if you look down and to the left, I got my movie banner widget working. Yay! Thank God for friends who are computer science majors.

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