Monthly Archives: September 2012

Good News and New Project

First off, I want to congratulate the producers I worked with during Fields Afire, Terri Spaugh and Shannon Jimenez. Their company Illuminandi Media just obtained the rights to an awesome book series called Zombie Fallout. However, their website is hacked right now, so I highly suggest you don’t go there, and go to their Facebook page instead.

For the project side of things, I’m now working on a web series with some friends, based on the lives of people in the doctor who fandom. It’s my first time with an episodic format so we’ll see how that goes. I’m also a little twitchy about the copyright infringement and trademarking issues that might come up. I hope that as long as we don’t profit and give a trademark/copyright disclaimer thingy to the BBC that we’ll be okay. Wish me luck with that.

Also…. I gave in. I got a tumblr. I am ashamed. I mainly use it for knitting/doctorwho fandom stuff though; all my films and associated announcements will remain here.