“Save the Cat” by Blake Snyder

This seem to be turning more into a book review blog than a film blog, but the books about film are just too good to not talk about. My earlier read, “What They Don’t Teach You In Film School” finally got me off my arse about learning to screen-write. See the post about that book if you more details on that.

The book is really quite interesting; I literally know nothing about the technical/literary elements in a screenplay and probably should have read Syd Field’s screenplay first, but this book was definitely clear enough in what needs to be known without getting very pompously didactic. (Big words there =). It got me excited about writing something while I was reading it, to the point that I truly wanted to put the book down and go write a few of the ideas I’ve had.

Even writing about the book has me wanting to go refine my logline some more. Hopefully I can get some semblance of irony into one of the two I’m working on.

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